Our People

Meet our Elders:
Jeff Heerspink
Keith Morrissey
Tad Stryker
Bill Thornton

At F Street Neighborhood Church, we pride ourselves on a strong volunteer base to support our many church teams. A few awesome folks help our church as paid staff people. Pastor Jeff and Pastor Bill serve full time at F Street, they each fundraise 50% of their salaries through personal supporters.  Barb Douglas serves part-time as the parish nurse and Savannah Clapper serves part-time as the Community Developer.
Jeff Heerspink
Barbara Douglas
Bill Thornton
Savannah Clapper

We at F-Street Neighborhood Church consider ourselves a “sending” church. We want our unique context at 13th and F street to help equip people for vocational ministry in any context. Residents commit to serving with the church and its partner ministries for one year in a part-time capacity, as they grow personally and develop professionally.
Meet our Residents:
We currently do not have any residents

Partner Ministries
F-Street, in conjunction with a many other churches in Lincoln, have helped start a number of partner ministries in order to increasingly support the people of our neighborhood. These ministries include Immerse, Transformations Thrift Store, and Atlas.
Meet the directors:
Beth Heerspink
Cece Robinson
Brody Van Roekel