Atlas: Lincoln

Established in 2017

Atlas is born out of the combination of seen needs, experienced mentoring success, and the dreams of a group of people who want to serve their community. ​​

What is it?

Today there are more than 16 Atlases in different communities across the US. Each Atlas holds to three core values:

  1. Walk with those who are hurting
  2. Equip the saints
  3. Unite the community

​Although each Atlas has the same core values, each Atlas looks differently based upon the needs of the community and focus set by the local leadership.

We see Atlas as being a great ministry for Lincoln as there is a great need for people to find Christian love and mentoring when they face hurt, need, and fear.

​We also believe that there is a great core of Christ followers in Lincoln that can help make this ministry flourish, and see the kingdom expanded, one person at a time.

How does this build the Kingdom?

​We envision that the local body of believers will be built up as Christ followers by having a means to walk alongside of people who are in a time of need.

We imagine that if a church provides four volunteer mentors that after one year at least two of the clients will be attending the church these volunteer mentors attend. Why? Because of the relational connection, Atlas is about building the Kingdom, not one specific church.

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