About Us

The F Street Neighborhood Church was established in June 2014 as a church plant of the Northern Lighthouse, a congregation meeting in north Lincoln that specializes in ministering to work-release inmates. While our church family loves the beautiful, historic, red brick church building located at the corner of 13th and F Streets that we call home, we especially cherish the neighborhood around us and all the people who live nearby, each one an eternal soul for whom Jesus came into the world. F Street Church at its core is a Biblically-based ministry.

We are also a church that is learning what it means to love God and our neighbors. Although we are located near the Nebraska State Capitol on the edge of Lincoln’s flourishing downtown, we also find ourselves at the epicenter of our city’s drug activities, human trafficking, and poverty. From its very beginning F Street Church has sought to be a place of both acceptance and direction. Lead Pastor Jeff Heerspink and his wife, Beth have modeled this from the outset by moving into the neighborhood with their family in a house near the church building. They, and the other leaders of F Street, envision a church that is not only “in” the neighborhood, but is also “of” the neighborhood. This means seeking to be a welcoming place that reflects both the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of our community. We believe that the Church’s response to societal issues like racism ought to be rooted in the Gospel truth that God loves us all, and that we must choose love, too.

In June of 2020 another congregation affiliated with a neighborhood ministry, Jacob’s Well, merged with the F Street Church. Teaching Pastor Bill Thornton and his wife, Marcia, live nearby, and have been friends with the Heerspinks for several years. They, too, share in the vision of watching God transform our neighborhood through an incarnational approach that not only hears the Gospel being proclaimed, but also sees it being lived out in the lives of our members. Through services, classes, groups, and other events we seek to help folks learn to navigate through life in healthy, Christ-centered ways. As we pray, live and serve together we are seeking to join God in the life changing work that he is already doing around us. We would love to have you join us in this work. If interested, please check out our website for

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