About Us

We are a church in Lincoln, Nebraska that is learning from Jesus what it means to love our neighbor. We started as a church plant of the Northern Lighthouse, a church in north Lincoln that specializes in ministering to work-release inmates. Since April 21, 2014, the beautiful brick church at 13th and F
has been the home of F Street Neighborhood Church. We treasure our rustic pews, stained glass windows, and robin’s egg ceiling. Even more than the building, we cherish the people of our neighborhood. Although we’re located near the Nebraska State Capitol on the edge of Lincoln’s flourishing downtown, we’re also at the epicenter of our city’s drug activities, human trafficking, and poverty.

Pastor Jeff Heerspink and his wife Beth desire that F Street be a church not only in the neighborhood but of the neighborhood. To accomplish this, they’ve moved their family into a home near the church. With God’s help, the Heerspinks seek to model acceptance and direction for the people of their community, and they have made that the heartbeat of F Street Church.

Relapse, family tragedy, homelessness, and sporadic contact are daily challenges. Our labor force is scarce compared to the size of the task before us; nevertheless, we rejoice. If we had the means to achieve what’s possible, we would not need to rely on God, who can deliver the impossible.

Our summer block parties and Farmers Market are a friendly outreach to our neighbors. We offer art classes and worship events. Ministries such as Circles of Support surround people in crisis with a sense of belonging and offer tangible support to help them learn to navigate life in healthy, Christ-centered ways. When possible, F Street offers space to like-minded organizations. We prioritize prayer, making it a foundation for all we do.

When we say, “It’s all good in the hood”, there is no sarcasm. We’re not defined by the heartaches we battle. F Street Church exists because Jesus values the needy and he invites each of us to have a part in his redeeming work. And that is good!

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